Your child’s capacity to learn in the years before they start school is phenomenal. Unfortunately screen time and technology can get in the way of this learning.

Here are the top ten reasons you should switch off the screen and play with your little one today!

  1. Screen time takes away from valuable time that children need to use their imagination, communicate, interact socially and problem solve.
  2. Research tells us that babies and toddlers are not able to learn from screen time, as the information presented is too abstract. This is even true for programs that say they are ‘educational’.
  3. Screens are distracting for babies and children (and adults too!). When the TV is on (even in the background) it can interrupt their learning.
  4. When we try to multitask by checking our phone, or ipad we miss out on attempts babies and small children make to communicate with us. We are not making eye contact with them or showing them our facial expressions.
  5. Early screen time habits set up long term routines for kids. Research shows that the more they watch as a child, the more they watch as an adult.
  6. Screen time takes away from physical play and exploring the wonderful world outside. This means less opportunities to be active and may lead to childhood obesity.
  7. Once children start interacting with technology and screens they will begin to demand them. This can lead to many tantrums, all of which are avoidable if screens are not part of your child’s everyday experience.
  8. It is often hard to transition away from screen time which means kids end up watching more than was originally planned.
  9. Screen time takes considerable visual processing and can often be very tiring for small children.
  10. Your little one will soon be off to school and you will never reflect “I wish we had watched more TV together”.

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