Is your little one about to start school? I’ll bet you’re thinking, where have the last four years disappeared to? It’s normal for the transition to school to be a time of apprehension for some kids.

Check out these great holiday activities that will help with a smooth transition into the start of the school year:

If your child continues to have difficulty adjusting to the start of school, talk to their teacher about other strategies you could all be using to help during this time of transition.

If your child is starting school in 2018, now is a great time to start thinking about how they are going developmentally. You have another precious year to help your child develop important communication, independence and social skills. It is also a great idea to book your little one in for their three year old check with their child health nurse who will be able to give you an overall picture of their developmental skills.

For more ideas to help your little one adjust to school check out