Speech Pathology Parent Workshop

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Chatter Matters - How you can give your child the best start to learning language Thanks to the City of Cockburn, I will be presenting on the best ways to promote early language development. This workshop will cover: understanding how children learn to talk and read typical speech, language and pre-literacy development [...]

My Favourite Children’s Books

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Snuggle up and enjoy these gorgeous children's books together. If you're anything like me then you're always on the lookout for new children's books. Here are four of my favourites that will make your eyes well and heart swell every time you read them with your little one. Kissed by [...]

Signs your child may have an ear infection

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Middle ear infections can cause speech and language delays and can also impact the ability for your little one to pay attention and localise sounds. Even with the most attentive parent, they sometimes go unnoticed. Check out this link from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association -Watching for Signs of Ear Infections in Young Children - which goes [...]

Talkable’s Top Speech and Language Websites

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So you're worried that your little one needs some help with their language development and the first thing you do is jump online. Unfortunately, trying to find reliable information is often a tiring and anxiety provoking task! Look no further - below I have shared my top websites for speech and language development, activity ideas [...]

Vote for Talkable – Project Robin Hood

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We are excited to announce that voting has now opened for the 2017 Project Robin Hood community grant scheme. Project Talkable is a free 10 week program for parents, grandparents and early childhood educators who care for a child under 3 years. Run by a Speech Pathologist, this program aims to give you all the skills [...]

Testing Times – Toddler Tantrums

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With my toddler definitely entering the world of independence, I must say that we have our fair share of melt downs at the moment. What helps me through these? Simply to know that she is completely normal and that although tiring, these tantrums are just her trying to process some overwhelming emotions. This recent post [...]

Easter Books for Kids

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Find an alternative to chocolate this Easter With Easter right around the corner, you are probably already preparing for the avalanche of chocolate eggs! With so many family and friends wanting to spoil your little one this Easter, why not suggest a gift that can be enjoyed over and over for years to come. That's right, [...]

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