Children’s Songs and Rhymes

Children’s songs and rhymes are a fantastic way for your child to learn new words and I am yet to meet a child who is not enthralled by adults who sing with them.

Songs and rhymes are fantastic because they:

  • tell kids about what is happening in the ‘here and now’
  • engage your child’s attention
  • usually pair actions with words to help your child understand
  • repeat key words over and over
  • use words that are functional for your child

It’s about interaction not entertainment.

The power of children’s songs and rhymes is through your interaction with your child. Children will not learn from songs and rhymes if they sit passively while watching cartoons sing at them.

This interaction is so important because it means you can:

  • slow the song down if they need time to copy actions
  • ask your child to make choices during songs (‘should we stamp or clap?’)
  • repeat favourite parts of the song over and over
  • wait for your child to sing the next word
  • wait for your child to ask for more
  • demonstrate actions and help your child copy

And finally, it doesn’t matter how well you can sing – your little one will love to hear your voice and to play with you through song.

Songs with Actions

Transition Songs

Quiet Songs

Hiding Songs

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