Babies love books

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Why reading aloud to babies is such a gift Reading aloud to your baby provides a fantastic language learning opportunity. It also helps to increase your baby’s concentration and memory. Research shows that reading aloud to your baby each day helps build strong foundations for later-developing reading and writing skills. Try to position [...]

Our favourite wordless picture books

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Wordless picture books unlock your child's imagination Ella and I made a wonderful discovery at the library this week with the book Journey by Aaron Becker. This wordless picture book is beautifully illustrated and has really sparked Ella’s imagination. Each time we share it together we notice something new hidden within [...]

My Favourite Children’s Books

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Snuggle up and enjoy these gorgeous children's books together. If you're anything like me then you're always on the lookout for new children's books. Here are four of my favourites that will make your eyes well and heart swell every time you read them with your little one. Kissed by [...]

Easter Books for Kids

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Find an alternative to chocolate this Easter With Easter right around the corner, you are probably already preparing for the avalanche of chocolate eggs! With so many family and friends wanting to spoil your little one this Easter, why not suggest a gift that can be enjoyed over and over for years to come. That's right, [...]

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