Top 10 reasons to turn off the screen

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Your child's capacity to learn in the years before they start school is phenomenal. Unfortunately screen time and technology can get in the way of this learning. Here are the top ten reasons you should switch off the screen and play with your little one today! Screen time takes away from valuable time that children [...]

AAP revised screen-time viewing guidelines for children under 5

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Check out this link from the American Academy of Pediatrics who have revised their guidelines for children's screen-time viewing.…/american-academy-of-pediatrics-lifts-n… In summary: no screen time for children under 18 months (except for live video chats with Nanna!) some limited evidence to show that children between 15 months and 2 years can learn new words from [...]

Screen Time and Language Development

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Want expert advice about how 'screen time' might be impacting your child's language development? Check out Screen Time and Language Development - Is too much screen time hitting the mute button on your toddler’s talking? Added today.

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