Encourage your toddler’s creative play

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Help your child play by giving them fewer toys! Happy New Year! Can you believe that the holiday season is already over for another year? If your house is anything like ours, it is strewn with a plethora of new toys, gifted to our little ones from well-intentioned grandparents. But do [...]

Starting School

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Is your little one about to start school? I’ll bet you’re thinking, where have the last four years disappeared to? It’s normal for the transition to school to be a time of apprehension for some kids. Check out these great holiday activities that will help with a smooth transition into the start of the school [...]

Screen time alternatives – My top 20 play ideas

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Okay, so you know your little one shouldn’t be glued to the screen, but what should they be doing? Here are twenty play ideas that your little one will love more than their favourite character on TV. Warning this is a messy one! With your little one, mix together greek or vanilla yoghurt and [...]

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